Yuvraj Singh First ODI century || 4 masive Sixes || Smashes 102 vs Bangladesh

#Yuviretires . A magnificent career comes to an end. Yuvraj Singh has retired from International cricket. A superb first ODI century of 102 by Yuvraj Singh proved effective in India’s win against Bangladesh in the TVS Tri Series held in Dhaka in April 2003 which was held immediately after the ICC Cricket World Cup in South Africa. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

subdivers match
71 matches Clevedon 1529 runs 29 is
average you glad to get that at over
30th strike rate of 83 1250s 12 times
he’s been past 15 still looking for his
first hundred ninety-eight not out his
higher skill and he comes in with india
132 for three but excellent figures 1
for 14 just convinces me that slow
boiling is the way to go on this trick
yeah this is Baraka and he has gone the
distance great use of the feed from your
drug saying it’s taken the chance he you
doesn’t roll the dice will never get a 6
that’s class work minimal fuss maximum
result sweet tiny sweet as candy this it
was sweet timing a deal that’s a good
hit 1 balance over the world
very quick to took down the track your
God saying
using a sweetie you grab this time
hitting it handsomely over the middle
freedom falls straight and it’s got to
stick to that leg stump line if he falls
into the wider and we fall for wide that
is a lovely shot can the super for the
foot placement as I think made to take
the gain using a swing and placement is
excellent right between the two theories
and now we just it
is taking thin One Day Internationals
it’s been the finals
didn’t love living from your lacks a
much needed one for Indians it’s a shock
till agrees not quite timed it but he’s
going into the gap then get fulfill it a
huge gap between low horn and deep
backwards we’re like two four runs and
he’s settling you need to go up to him
and you need deliver the incident if he
would have bowled a slower delivery it
would have mattered but not this way
you’re right taking this stack of that
there’s love there’s big shots it scared
the boundary comfortably this is the
great ability you Godse has it makes it
look easy brings up the 51 partnership
as well absolutely brilliant shot again
down the track what surprises me here
that graphic is probably not thinking in
the right way should be boring a bit
excellent shot again
superb placement
just get the feeling that there were
some mind games being played there
between the bowler and the batsman
batsmen went down the track the previous
ball hidden for six they would have
expected Rafiq to drop it a little
shorter you Brad same was there waiting
now over the wicked and not snow but
it’s gone a long long way
once again magnificent use of the feet
and he’s decided to cut leaves and he’s
gonna take toward the left and spinner
it isn’t that a very cool area
Pendergrass some woman then Bamber gets
triggered in the middle region no threat
the thickness something to think about
now and a snow delivery again but well
worth it that is a fine shot to any over
241 for six the fit by the way there is
a lusty blow that’s gonna gain in four
runs chaos collects them and it’s dark
right hits the ball powerfully does your
rush be born in full tosses on but what
is stumped you chief was four or six
more often than not
well that’s a muscular blood only a big
man with strong arms can being close
like that and it just stood out the mass
to be hit
yeah he doesn’t take any nonsense from a
ball back of a length as me very
powerful I back left through the ball
it’s his right foot out the way to give
himself room garage
there’s tacos for sure
for wealthy lads takes a man to 19 1976
balls it’s two mates enjoying it he’s a
special player his timing is superb he
could hit that anyway he knows where the
Gattis now is nicely settled and he’ll
be aware of the hundred ninety-eight on
either Becky’s mind forgiven one
started well now have a jungle of the
run back firmly does that’s good running
for negligence a very good running that
balls hit hard and applause Mohammed
Rafi tua take a little extra time
and that is six now
now let not move with the last over
beginnings and you bad singers on 97 new
Rodgers hit the boundary that is game in
his hundred it is essentially the first
century and one day international
cricket for you riots in 84 days he
salutes his two mates lifts his back
Lyndon players are delighted and that is
a wonderful hundred and a great moment
for you God sing innings of a lifetime
and what a shoddy play to get there what
a beautiful cover drive he just caressed
it past the deep middle and all the fans
11 and so do his teammates and so it
should because he’s a talented man
Yuvraj Singh powerful strike guy he’s
not finished yet wow that’s him hard
that’s go before no work
dominated umpires go
tell you what that could have killed it
up but it came back at pace
tell me what he didn’t say didn’t you
did not see it took it a head of taken a
couple of ribs out and he would have
been flying Everett’s this colored map
mert’s that’s it that is a great catch
first ball at this cassava faces in
international one bakery reviewers grin
but it sent me a the headline news the
Yuvraj Singh Alec papaya is the man and
took the ketchup backward points
that it the ban but others pundits in a
new blood sing made in their sing
century for you Raj
Padma he takes the last wicket great
moment now there for you Rogers he walks
on well I got here just in time didn’t
he smile on the face
with at a good time please 10 feet
and remember the endings for a long fun
so will everyone else in the ground get
the bull cut off the oil around the
wicked just promise them anything bad
Ethan short lied is there anything to
full-figure life his pimps and
appreciates it we’ve shut it played
then the planners stand at a floor what
lady about soon maybe just by the skin
of his teeth because he was running out
of partners
wonderful effort that wanted from Yuvraj
Singh and he was absolutely delighted it
seemed at one point that he may not
quite get there running out of partners
at that state
102 not from 85 volts the second

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