Worst Cards in Field Hockey Ever!

In the sport of Field Hockey, there is 3 cards to punish a player when he has done something against the rules of the game and it is the Green, Yellow and Red cards.

The green cards are for smaller mistakes like a stick tackle or slightly pushing someone, etc.

The yellow cards is for a bit bigger mistakes, like pushing or shoving another player, so they fall or for smaller mistakes where there have already been given a green card and it is done again, etc.

The red card is for big thing like hitting another player or just pushing them out of the way without going for the ball, etc.

Overall we don’t see red cards in field hockey that often and that is why we are making this video, to show you some of the times that players got punished with a red or yellow cards for big things.

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Song: Existence problem – Marius
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0DZJ3j-2gg

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