World Cup QF | 82 OFF 44 Balls – Jayasuriya rips apart England bowling WC Quarterfinal

1996 ICC Cricket World cup Quarter Final Sri Lanka vs England at Faisalabad, Pakistan. Sanath Jayasuriya
rips into the England bowling attack and scores a superb 82 off 44 balls and knocks out England.

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terrific interspace perfectly placed and
what a menace this man is to be a
difficult proposition for England he’s
suddenly made his intentions clear that
time coming down the page good placement
as a man down the line but Julia placing
that wide of him
the overly played any was looking a bowl
on left side it was fine his sweet
superbly played wery sweet anchors
steaming ahead all the top straighten it
up or one-way traffic is
it was put a hand up I never really had
a chance of making a catch
once again Illingworth giving a little
bit of yeah that time but just erect
quickly onto it hitting it past the
bowler absolutely brilliant shot it’s a
lot of runs they are behind the bowler
and Joe Surya making full use of it
that’s a terrific it again right across
the line first once into the perimeter
advertising and the Chilean fans love it
full flow of the arms on the offside but
non they own sit that well enough
yeah I’ve been freshly done and off
having made up his mind to go around the
wicket but it’s so important that when
you go around the Winkie you’re very
clear on what line you’re going to ball
from rolling around the wicket if you
pitch on the stumps works lactose then
it’s probably going to hit like stump or
go down so they just whip it away on the
onside and that’s just a poor delivery
and there’s no one on the inside out
both the men out there at deep serve and
a deep X to cover
I don’t know what you say about that
except it was a belt in of a shot he
just stands there and delivers this is
5032 old
was a terrific show only was a good
length war we’re talking about just
outside and he just waited for it then
clubbed it with the bottom hand
is that for o66 a link here landing
underneath us when it went until I
thought out out of the field
just look to hit this with so much ease
what’s is he just threw the ball nice
little chip with a wedge it golf and it
disappeared for six
that’s a great shot just stood there
perfectly balanced we smashed it away
down the field football
oh here we go again
the county players play against the
local league players who you expect to
be better than when you’ve had a few
overs your belt them around and but here
they are they’re belting around a
suppose at International pace attack
I don’t think they’re like running too
much this lot there must be a little on
faith they’ve got short legs they won’t
stand the strain
they’ll just stand there and deliver it
belt for belt six now where else shall I
hit he where under hit it they say I’ll
try that gap next we are trying to have
a discussion about the most valuable
player and can’t get a word in edgeways
the center like this
run out of things to say I mean he hits
the girl is somuch ease
he’s graceful with it and his lovely
full swing of the bat there’s plenty of
bottom underneath but he doesn’t hi
ketta like he just goes through the shot
but tremendous height on that changing
bowling Michael Atherton introducing
Dermot Reeve into the attack for more
well we now know he’s not interested in
the single hundred partnership what a
splendid performance
it’s just what England
well for no ball big disappointment for
England its poor right up there in the
small angling him beautifully from about
off still wide of the crease just
angling in his legs tilt now then
now then Russell’s confident beautifully
taken down the leg side
well he bowls for this sort of stump
vendors Dermott Reeve – swinging it down
fall at where the pads are Jack Russells
Gotti yes he’s got him beautifully
thought out Dermot Reeves the man we see
the third umpire in a minute yeah the
phone’s ringing what do you think yeah
he’s definitely out but the baton
doesn’t work okay I’ll give him out then
off you go
and within 13 to 2

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