Enjoy the most famous and biggest sixes from Virender Sehwag’s bazooka of a bat, that incredible weapon that had blasted across the cricket centres of the world in scintillatingly audacious arcs. New Zealand vs India 2019. In Test match cricket or ODIs or T20s Sehwag was India’s most destructive batsman. India vs Australia, India vs New Zealand and India vs Pakistan.
After Viv Richards, Veeru was the most destructive batsman this planet has seen.
The Nawab of Najafgarh, the Sultan of Multan and many more names proudly descended on Veeru. A sheer joy to watch whether it was his 309 at Multan or 195 in Melbourne or 319 vs South Africa. A self confessed prodigy of Sachin Tendulkar, Sehwag used to emulate Sachin’s style of batting early in his career.
If you want to learn how to live in the moment, you don’t need to take yoga lessons or visit a monastery or study ancient Buddhist texts. All you need to do is watch Virender Sehwag bat.

With other batsmen, there is a sense of continuity, a sense that what happens with this delivery is predicated on what happened to the previous one and what might happen to the next one. With Sehwag, there was only this ball, this moment. If it was a bad delivery, it would be punished. If it was a good delivery, it might still be punished. If it was a really good delivery, then he might show it some respect.

And then it was on to the next ball. The previous one might have been hit for four or six, or been defended, or nicked through the slips. It didn’t matter. He might have been batting on 5 or 95 or 195. It didn’t matter. The game might be in the balance. It didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was the current moment.
Traditionally Test cricket used to have a standard rate of scoring. Sehwag walked in and blasted it past the boundaries of imagination. When he got going — which in his heyday was spectacularly often — he scored at the speed of thought, sometimes even faster. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

shut up
oh goodness me
a shot that is
isn’t that a telling milk
this is
I’ll add some full toss and he’s put
that away at style
and effortless April 6
this is quickly to put it
he’s going for this it doesn’t matter if
it’s an Oscar or the courts key another
six will survive
down in the bucket
just picked it did it straight back over
this is exciting what
water staggering onto that it’s
the boundaries is a little too small for
the flighty delivery
bollocks locks who just into the stands
how far is that gone far enough
so what have you got here do offenders
middle of the back
that 18 foreskin
restrictions and
just pull his left leg throws his hands
for in the pole we stopping to lose his
heartless now and then he just gave all
the terror
that’s out my date
how many men you got out there
where it is with formal down
kids say
distorted it stone
as he collected that wart
there is a long one out there is he
required of him the way beyond him
wonderful moment there
always at a guy with that one over the
top that’s a very well-played
say you are every now and again
unleashes that clap shot and the almost
looks as if he’s getting underneath it
and he’s hit it all the way it just
carried the boundary down there at
backward point fantastic shot
she’s contact Oh Gloria shot gave
himself the room
that’s soda way guess what
Sanga counters back up
and to
just slightly to the back
what a strike assist it’s not a big done
with the ball
making against the turnover in the Civic
as a particular
the last
thinking good execution
redhead for sex
many times this is alpha
if you hit four straight six
and the slope on which
try and hit it over the top I think
it’ll go all the way that’s gone for the
first six of the match
or hammered it away that’s a great shot
fabulous life
that’s remarkable that really is
remarkable it’s a second ball that he
has faced after the resumption
it’s just an amazing personality plays
with real freedom
this is high now as a gotten up legs on
it no it’s gone over the roads
he’s gone is stretched fast and a real
six that is a terrific like got the
impression that he was trying to hit it
on the on side
to set yes
sighs receptacle
we keep dancing yeah
has done exactly the same
with it with the spin
he looks at a big line
he gets maximum
so save our Paris on to fight idea
well he’s the man that in there relying
on Sachin Tendulkar went quite early
yesterday papa
well terrific shots
he’s humming in the moment at the red
Messiah 48 for none
but see how many times Kevin Pietersen
asked to change the field
yes you can actually feel this on the
on the lakeside boundary as a bigger
and some big things
wonderful self-belief
it’s so much like it
there’s far too much taste bouncing the
surface to get wide outside they’ll stop
to Batman because he will just smash you
here all day if you got a bowl here one
of his favorite strikes one of his best
strikes one of his sex options and he
jumped on this is always a pleasure
we have say watt and Tendulkar opening
the batting out there for India two of
the best and most aggressive batsmen of
all time
he looks
and it was all straight over the top of
unbelievable shot
in fact destructive offense I think it
just made it he got right into that one
one who’s gotta give
no he’s not
looks like it was all the way is
first thought
doesn’t destroy and undirected over
it’s gonna
that’s huge
that is it another six there 162 four
this cooperate he’s gone the distance
what no this is turning out to be this
three men on the boundary the need but
say one maxim cells so slowly
while they picked again I do need to
maybe that’s going all the way
can I was pretty few losses you want
inside who the six it doesn’t matter
it’s funny when it lifts the bat because
the feeding hadn’t quite time to drill
but just keep going
that is a stunning shot that is the
flattest six you’ll see
he sliced and like it was a birthday
that was scrambling I tell you the stand
would have been here there liriko hire a
cab to get it back
hey is cutting loose here have a look at
that take that
just hooting through the line
my handsome
six runs
he’s now
he doesn’t bother just clubs it all
good beefy strike fund analyst a Bob
this is a great shop
and that’s picked away on the old side
that’s gone many of mine for six
right onto the middle of that little bit
smashes it to the dairy side on the
on the pathway
a month’s time of three weeks they have
half as much fun as the creative head
Wow this is one-day cricket at its best
how’s that for six the batsmen look to
go over the top straight troubadour
Madan but this one something special
over covers inside out little bit of
width not such a bad delivery second six
it’s an easy game
there’s a fan over
there’s the other one
offense and six is the poor
in 65 mismatch is that said awesome
and full toss alright but it still has
to be put away and he’s done it it’s
there’s another
six more has got his money’s worth it’s
not all that bad a delivery it’s just
magnificent bedding from save up and he
was there might be three men in the deep
that doesn’t matter
to survive because he’s hit it out of
the park
just like that
opens up the Torah
International guy who consents what a
that is exciting
in the insides got a couple tons more –
another twenty twenties here
niggas to this extent
and now Southie will be really starting
to struggle mentally here Oh bang bang
bang nineteen of the face neither

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