Virender Sehwag 151 at Adelaide 2008 – First century in the 2nd innings of a test match

Australia vs India Adelaide 2008. India had scored When the Indian selectors decided, around two months ago, to leave Virender Sehwag out of the probables for this tour, former Australian captain Ian Chappell urged them to think again. “As the gambler says, ‘You’ve got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em’,” he had written. “Now was not the right time to give up on Sehwag.”

Few would have imagined Sehwag actually making the tour but fewer still could have imagined him batting close to six hours in the final innings of the fourth Test to earn his side a draw. Adam Gilchrist’s last test match. Sehwag vindicated his selection with a fine performance. Boxing day MCG. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I should say what and back-end very food
while I’m off spin bowler
I’m impressed with his falling
well I think that’s pretty tough on the
young man sending him out to open the
batting after doing all that bowling and
that’s that’s one reason why I don’t
believe in openings all work should also
open the batting
the point boundary the position has got
a void shot at some point there’s no
doubt of God
it’s struct
is this Australia
that is definitely save arc playing the
shot that he has because it doesn’t
matter what time it is or how many overs
left he still gonna carry on playing the
shot and I think it’s come off the
bottom of the bat not the edge but it
has still gone in and out of Michael
Clarke’s fingers
it’s always always always worried about
this situation if India have too bad for
an hour or so about 15 or 20 overs or so
what would be the situation we would be
appreciate the fact that maybe sometimes
a little discretion is needed either
that all right this man out there
covering up for it so get a single and I
guess if you also want to back
differently then he’s more likely to do
something stupid it’s probably got to
leave more deliveries that I think
that’ll be the key but I’ve never seen
so many caches go down in an Australian
slip god and that is easy as smaller
slip caches go nobody’s asking serve up
too bad differently just asking him to
exercise a little discretion
we go all the way yes all the way for
six a mighty six from Sabang played with
the spin men round the bat it doesn’t
matter to him five minutes to go or not
there was no D pretty good midwicket so
he took his chance smacked it straight
into the stands
Oh save our drives and we’ll find the
boundary on the offside no one had cover
importantly ghada’s foot close to the
pitch of the ball and he’s done exactly
that 45 for one one over to go
it dries it dries
they’ll tell you a bit more of that you
thought it would go over yes and
suddenly you find that there’s a lot
more chat on the field again
in what I think is bit lucky there as
well it’s hit the edge did it I’d have
it that low I think I’m not too sure
what happened there was a bit of a
clattering sound I think it hit him on
the glove and then went up to the
yes that’s the wall that it was the trap
I think this occasion is gone through
and producer boundary 57 for one the
lead 20 what it means is our good shot
this looks like three is it going all
the way yes four
you say back for a moment top that it
was he timed it well enough but
eventually he had to be pushed into
running by Sachin Tendulkar who realized
that it might not go
what a lovely shot or lovely timing and
lovely balance as well leaning into the
drive look at that look at the balance
look at the way the weight has been
transferred onto the front foot
it’s a lovely Drive and it’ll run away
as well a fine half-century for Laurinda
save our work ladies continuing to play
his game that’s critical
this time the wick was there
and because he’s a short man because
over here the picture there’s a little
more bounce when the bowlers are banging
the ball in a little bit shot the ball
will not always be hit along the ground
I don’t think he even tried to hit it
along the ground
nowhere near hacý buried gave it a good
effort you can see that nowhere near him
in the lead by mere twenty nine they’ve
lost service of Rowell drama this
morning we told it’s a sore thumb
waiting for her final confirmation
that’s fine as well the man on the
boundary there was at square lake so
that will run harmlessly by into the
boundary is it important runs yes these
are all very important fronts as India
is now trying to stay in the match Rahul
Dravid a retiring hurt is a blow it
looks unlikely that he will bat just
helping the ball along on his badge is
helping not trying to really hit it too
that’s a fine shot my just pull up but
they will take three and that’s not a
bad idea the set man will take strike
for a while against needs a good call
that 11 of the over at 73 for one Indian
lead by 36 boron’s
save odd is getting that scoreboard
moving and that is important Indian lead
by 40 now 77 for one it’s important that
these runs keep coming for India India
need to keep a bit bit of distance but
safe distance actually between
themselves and and Australia because
Australia can can’t lose this India will
not have enough over Steve all the
Australians out but Australia can win
this if they don’t have too many runs to
chase that one has been smashed into the
day it’s going all the way I think
it certainly need
as a fiesty much robbed but he only
knows one way notice one way but it’s
going to be a little careful here there
is a deep midwicket what a hit that was
no half measures whatsoever came right
out of the screws disappeared into the
okay I’ve seen two balls of yours now
bitch that one and Brad Horton you
immediately look at the look on Hulk’s
face it’s like oh he’s hit that well
he’s hit that one well inside that’s
gonna be for at scorching the grass heap
grass here at Adelaide I will he hit
that hard
that’s a brilliant strike it’s against
the spin but he gets out close to the
pitch of the ball the transfer of weight
the right has bludgeoned it through the
offside and he’s exciting to watch
there’s no doubt about that just loves
getting on with it he’s so entertaining
well this is the big problem Australia
had before there is a boundary ball on
offer every over if not one – that’s a
full toss and put away in style so what
happens is you just can’t build the
pressure wide have slipped some more
really has been very aggressive now
problem there were taunting chasing the
ball he couldn’t run very fast at all so
they Brennan accountable for till this
unless if they can win the game it’s
well struck but cut off so he stays on
ninety nine with India 126 for one
there it is that’s his first test
this league delighted about it talk
about coming back to win the bag when
they say walk they’re 13 test century
against Australia under pressure when he
was needed he delivered super innings
Rahul Dravid they’re applauding very
gently because of that broken well I
assume it’s a broken finger but the
right hand was only just touching the
left hand probably quite painful at the
moment that’s a very very good hundred
that’s the fastest hundred of the series
was treat to watch Sehwag played shot
all over the park he was brutal against
Brad hagh there
this is first son we’re in second
innings 12 in the first Elisabetta
average is 28 now
Oh God to catch it but just short of
Brentley in the outfield that’s about
where he was caught in Melbourne when he
tried to hit Katich out of the ground to
bring up his 200 there’s a good memory
and definitely remember that innings
have got 91 95 they in Melbourne
Robert Tendulkar calmly Julie Lakshman
you see all of them 35 years of age
complains 37-yard lush monday youngest I
mean apart from Lakshman they all look
like models in there
that didn’t hurt took balls short
should be four leg buys because he was
taking evasive action he’s pumped up now
brettly lovely shot punch down the
ground by say bob and run quickly for
treat in the air he goes this is wearing
light put the pedal to the medal given
that there will be a more attacking
field there are two men deep on the on
side midwicket deep backwards square all
the signs will keep him in back there
now at long on he’s shot from saver the
ball was given a bit over here and that
he hit it with the turn over in the
survived now he’s under Simon Says see
there’s a lot of air given 50 he goes in
the gap and into the boundary again 150
over and the server hidden the
Australians will clap now
yes that’s his ninth score of 150 plus
in a row in a row meaning every time he
gets a hundred and Australians will
applaud they know that one man has stood
in the way of Australia and three one
that is we’re in this a walk we’re an
astonishing innings this Oh what was
good to see Matthew Hayden clapping
there they’ve been at each other right
through the innings if you can hear
anything on the stump mics that has been
chat all the way but he’s the first to
applaud he knows they’ve tried
everything to upset his concentration he
wisecracks here and there oh he’s gone
on and on oh that’s a good thing guess
he has certainly hardly kolja their
silence gets his man
and outs Jennings comes to an end
Gorillaz ever caught Gilchrist Bowl
Simon’s 451 and would’ve thought the end
would come on a defensive drawing
yes yes and it’s a good cat who’s
looking to actually stir if you’d open
the face of the blade and it runs off
the face of the blade
and guiltless makes no mistake makes the
catch in this final test match what
Virender Sehwag will get a standing
ovation he goes for 151 and india 253
for 6 to 16 ahead

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