The fastest bowler ever ►►Shoaib Akhtar broken stumps compilation !!

Simply Amazing. One of the best fast bowlers world has ever seen! When he hits the stumps, they dont stay rooted. They are uprooted!. Champion fast bowler! Wickets FLYING, Broken stumps. Stumps shatterring. Lasith Malinga 4 wickets off 4 balls. Malinga 5 for 6. Shoaib AKhtar vs VVS Laxman full toss. Shoaib Akhtar’s best bowled wickets against the best of players including Sachin. Shoaib Akthar vs Brett Lee. Sachin vs Shoaib Akhtar.
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and show about cars on fire
similar questions the only difference of
education award it was not
Vinson is cleaned out by our back tire
so whose woes continue it was too quick
and I think it your team won 4-1 well it
has been broken up hasn’t it by sharp
actor actually look it’s just see a pace
here I’m thinking it’s moving inwards
and it’s just too quick and Vincents
actually playing across this that might
be the first – yes he’s Kevin that was
going straight on Fleming trying to get
across the line and the soak of the
silver said that is going to hit
that’ll be nice that was a lot quicker
146 winsomeness court date for Claire
the sky
here’s suppose it’s another great piece
of bowling and turning your car had no
idea this time is short themself
essentially a New Zealand lose their
night worker the carnage continues very
cool coming inside from outside the op
staff around the bear under made six
look at shocker
clean up for school mark him well he’s
caught him nothing like was coming
he wasn’t quite ready for that
deliberate who said the ball because
inside ago this was a beauty
let me get these beds to awaken that
under the stuffs plenty but no and so
again and second time in this match show
that go beyond the Hetrick got a bang
off the lakes under the stumps rattled
my hooks around all my dear
first ball ship I have is are they happy
don’t like that said just what the
doctor ordered
third wicket down now and try again sure
about that
he’s picked up three huge wickets in one
hour and Pakistan back in business
wasn’t all to line why’d you it doesn’t
make much difference he’ll be happy
anyway only be hat-trick or not I still
got three in the Ivan Steve war second
ball lbw Mandy wasn’t happy either but
show it Danny for face caught him right
on the crease balling full again let’s
have a look at the tramlines just
outside well there’s the shadow of the
stamps a ace caught him on the crease I
don’t think it’s gonna miss absolutely
fantastically chef that is on fire
waterfall water quick ball
and him good Chris beaten to face no
answer to that Joker it was quick it was
Adam Gilchrist just didn’t see it well
that’s right just too quick too good
right in on Lake Stubb could have been
any better
perfect Yorker this one watch it goes
wider the crease is a and she goes well
it’s almost hit the stamp on the fault
well that was a quick delivery – they’re
wrapping in the 90 mile an hour zone and
that one okay deep sewing around like an
eagle well an eagle that’s piggy on the
Prai here they’re in big trouble
85 for six well they say it for him in
the space of a couple of hours
saluté they are uprooted
so any system they certainly go down
look at it pull movies water died for
the buck bowling don’t count him back
about 10 or 12 yards don’t need the
umpire when is this dumb boy Ricky
and it is a very very fond delivery
this is just straight out nice and angle
against equality
miss doubts
do something
operation Deveny
ninety-two runs on the board this
and quick gives himself again arrived
and the stuff gets back into his round
knotti to play
hi rickets run
nine to
this tournament
this is from some of the
he knows exactly where to put the boys
I do believe
this ticket of great
I never moved to
the speedy blacksmith at this time not
at all
to the delight of that man
this is just a great
always upgrade parts morning FIVB as
I’m 26
tremendous stuff good paper so fungus
Donna thought the all-important grateful
tearing away again
but on target
seriously fast
nice alive stops aligned all over the
lucky started struck in the semi-finals
show about there’s the man plankton the
first weekend and they are dancing in
the aisles and he lifts in the run right
ball beautifully balls wonderfully ball
brilliant balling that is absolutely
he has risen to the occasion I miss
fielding all over the place is
there and Boulder magnificent Joker and
the lake stop is under the ground
we’ve seen half a dozen mystery yorkers
this time it’s shown who breaks through
clean through Fleming’s defenses yes to
booby speed out of the way let’s the
ball through it goes under is back
pensively dismissed
what a delivery
that one just
no feet moment from

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