The best of Sachin Tendulkar being bowled by great bowlers around the world from Glenn McGrath, Allan Donald, Shoaib Akhtar, Shane Bond, James Anderson, Mohammad Asif, Abdul Razzaq, Waqar Younis, Chris Lewis, Dominic Cork and many more like Matthew Hoggard and Michael Vaughan. Enjoy the compilation, Subscribe and Share. #bowled #compilation #Sachin #IndvsAus
Matches from India vs Australia to India vs Pakistan and many more featured here including the epic first ball duck vs Shoaib Akhtar at Kolkata, Eden Gardens during the Asian Test Championship. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

new thought and Luis certainly deserves
something got the wicked of young
Tendulkar bold little stumped back
possibly off an edge he’s gone for 10
eighty eight four five surely after
lunch one of the rarest sites in Test
cricket shan’t and oka being bold food
in the second time and fifty five
innings court with the prize wicked
when this test match
long way to doing that for England
$10 off stop
and the little master looked complete
thoughts happy Darrell Duffie and why
that’s the tourniquets on for India
we call them opinion playing right
o’clock you see and missing giving
Simmons be important because that’s the
first engine which it is down for one
country – oh what a good delivery
good comeback by the
last night our huge weekly from Pakistan
just saying that such a tender look like
you push the button hit the Go button
let’s run duck here not straight through
the same hole
these wickets haven’t been easy to come
by this afternoon every one of them
precious and none more precious than
this one ball of full length this is a
damaging ball ball pitches hits the
crowd it may be an inside edge it is
it’s an inside edge there’s that moment
of despair from Sachin Tendulkar and a
moment of joy for Matthew ha God what a
big wicket what a bowling chase get off
the pitch man not about you not this
time he’s out of here an obsession dear
dog who gets knocked out of
except for wickets in donker gone 451
right on who’s looking to put a skating
shoes on looking for acceleration
Kendall plays away from the body inside
edge sound of timber
50 first-class wicked stood Michael with
thee and that’s the end of the little
fella ten dukkha out followed by Whitney
by a lovely swinging Yorker having hit
two magnificent Falls then just a little
bit overconfident but this was a very
good Yorker they’d ride across the line
in huge iOS go on the up early Terrance
Kelly given
that is
as he wall control team with me tasty
detailing as Adam that I could – they
pushes the line many eye or clean water
did a cake became Austin people are
predicting see Andrea our pace or swing
kazar beach with little car cross K
layer Baldwin somnus angle they keep
game Austin before nigga pass a decent
beautify our bad repair to the bandgap
but not totally
this man
look at fiscal he knows it vanity pop
there’s a delivery nipping back those
looking into such magnificent and Bucca
don’t get it close to ball deviance is
to him and it should be elated here you
I used to build underwater food a
football and Thunder worker one of the
best progressed and gotten trinket don’t
know anything about it and so that’s
true about the sweats I read about it
I’m sure it must be to get a great play
like turned over out in his first walk
this tremendous reports
that is a delivery of great speed
because you can see the temple was a
little late
and Donald a burst of lightning I
brought him his shattered he starts with
an express delivery and my goodness me
Donald now
fearsome best
these metal dish at the stops medicine
inside edge
one goes down
this is good from England’s wander view
the momentum is shifting
just be a decision that book
byte packet India
Chateauguay strums
that’s for sure the workshop was
standing ovations in bold as last
Testament England
we come back
they’re pretty quickly to top 38 or 39
to 50
26 for 3 and the Kangaroos fighting back
well the Kangaroos give him on a tour
the Indians a few black eyes in a bloody
nose I think but inside edge here played
through the ball leaving again inside H
hunter likes dog when out he goes for
what a wiki for Glenn McGrath and dunker
out for North India struggling 26 for 3

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