Kumble destroys Australia – from 189/2 to 235 all out inside a session.

The Atlas of Indian cricket and the biggest match winner of Indian cricket, jumbo Anil Kumble bowls out Australia in Chennai on a hot afternoon in October 2004 picking 7 wickets and destroys the Aussie batting line up on the first day of the 2nd test match in Chennai. Kumble’s 7 for 48 made sure India pulled off a stunning turnaround Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer got off to a fine start. MS Dhoni man of the series MCG. New Zealand vs India.
Slowly through the first day of the Chennai Test, the years peeled back. Before lunch it was October 2004, with Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer pummelling a hapless India, much as the Australians had done in Bangalore just days ago. Score: 111 for no loss. After lunch Harbhajan Singh got his groove back, made the ball spin and bounce, and picked up the openers as Australia’s advance halted. Was it 2001, perhaps? Score: 189 for 3. In the last session, it was the 1990s all over again, as Anil Kumble dismissed batsman after mystified batsman, evoking a series of tired cricket cliches borrowed, tellingly, from warfare: destruction, annihilation, demolition. Score: 235 all out. All ten of Australia’s wickets had fallen for 99 runs, their last eight for 46 – and this was a first-day pitch.
The Aussie batting line up consisted of Langer, Hayden, Katich, Lehmann, Michael Clarke, Adam Gilchrist and others.
Spearing in those fizzing legbreaks, googlies and top-spinners, Kumble made the batsmen play, and prised out Damien Martyn (26), who lunged forward and presented short leg with a catch (189 for 3). Simon Katich and Martyn had put on 63 for the third wicket.

From then on, it was Kumble all the way as Australia’s batsmen failed to come to terms with the extra bounce in this pitch. Katich plugged away, nudging and deflecting the ball around for safe runs. At the other end, though, Kumble did not give anyone a chance to settle down. None of the last seven batsmen managed more than 5, and Kumble had found the success of old. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

then we see a game
not coming down the pitch-dark in the
first innings at Bangalore contempt
apply it from the crease but I think
it’s the extra bounce we saw koogler in
the previous over by a lot of Romans
looking for deception and he gets the
third wicked of the innings it’s a big
breakthrough just before T an important
one for him there none who complain
needs to get some numbers in the last
column delegate qalam the googly again
will have the extra bounce hitting and
on the glove not turning enough but the
bounce was good enough in a straight
forward caste abroad saying much awaited
breakthrough for the Indians they needed
to break this partnership just prior to
T and I don’t come plays being the man
for is 0-1 for him must be must be yes
David Sheff had reluctantly raised the
finger for a moment Darrin Lehman stood
there and now he’s turning and on his on
his way back it wasn’t a great delivery
it was shorter wide outside the off
stump blamin going for the cuts and the
finished of edges and a confidence
booster for party patel well he’s taking
it positive but they’re just when it
mattered the under edge and he stayed
down with a very good catch in the end
for Berkeley but there are little kublai
has picked up a second wicket so the
Indians finish once again getting into
the thick of things and in the potent
wicked but Darryl evil is 191 for for
India a full bore on attack here the
poor destroyer out here was 4 for 16 68
the moment the ball struck the pad
Indian fielded knew what the response
from the m5 would be
talking about his approach in the second
test night after a great Debbie
this man’s gone again a bit like that
when he is uh 92 very similar type of
ball when it skids on it’s hitting I
could co-op star please plate so far
back I reckon that what a clip lake star
paneer some part shepherd you’ve made a
good decision come blade has got India
back in this match now he’s got three a
Michael Clarke goes for five Australia
two oh four four five three not up here
104 in the first estimate once again on
this trip but after that hundred at
Mumbai in 2001 he just got a couple of
runs in the next test matches Hayes what
Adam gopis has what
and honey lacunae is on fire after lunch
he’s picked up his full ticket
we see a collapse here the Australian
collapse once again
yes since lunch they’ve lost 6-4 97
look deliberate fat pad your grants
looking tracking but watching the ball
straight into the hands and rolled over
and that’s a big wicket the skipper goes
for three Australian travel 210 for six
the fifth wicked fun in children
desperate w
is calm down good start at about the
game wrong length
and well taken you don’t drop them sir
off your own bowling that’s a great
Warren he’s gone for for Australia
really struggling that Brahmas gone here
at 216 for seven then all I think just
miss reading that the length and
Mohammed Dave takes that one in close
you Raj Singh is off the field so he
came back in the backpack that is
absolutely brilliant
and another australian batsman that a
lender in this case parish is pushing
Jason gillaspie this time pushing
forward to a quicker ball and come later
bounces and again takes an inside edge
or maybe a little blood and this went
sharply to your Raj Singh I’m still
think the Indian fielder’s can come back
a good yard so Mohammed cake I think
they can come back a good yard when the
clothes in Gillespie’s gone for five two
two four four eight I wore my best man
in there all the time
no yes
there is some but still it because
Michael castevets is walking David
Shepherd wasn’t going to give this out
Shepherd was walking away and pulled
over then kasalivich
as walked backing up this Australian
policy on this talk of walking for
inside edges maskavich has gone the Shep
is done farad yeah they’re keeping with
their philosophy of walking there is no
way that ship is going to put his finger
a different inside edge it’s for the you
at home to judge whether you would walk
in this fashion but he has done
announced 228 four nine
good shot cats each has got to do
something now because McGraw is at the
other end
it’s 234 four nine
make everyone do that though it’s got to
be a personal decision let me ask you a
will it change
whereas he has David Shepherd is called
when the bra full-length dive at the
non-striker’s end and it’s going to be
there’s a run-out opportunity here for
India it’s going to be extremely close
it was an assist it came in to the
keepers in it was under armed to come
blazar he can
the till takes it carriage diving back
the relay throw
and just app all over for Australia
they have been dropping like ninepins
and now this first innings they win the
toss selective at will by the decision
from the third umpire is over
a big mix-up
who would have thought after the start
this morning
for no wicked at lunch 2:35 all-out spin
at dramatic afternoon here in Chennai
and that man has been the architect Anil
Kumble a 17.3 overs for maidens 75048
remarkable figures the Australians
slipping very badly here they lost nine
wickets for nine to nine runs after
being 136 for one and look at uh Neela
come lay there he was like a rash all
over the australian batsman seven 448 of
his 17.3 overs Harbhajan saying the
other spinner picking up a couple of
wickets and the one run out of Glen
so a tremendous comeback by India

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