Kalam Mian Muhammad Bux

Kalam Mian Muhammad Bux

Very Beautiful Kalam Mian Muhammad Baksh Saiful Malook in Heart Touching Saif Ul Malook Beautiful Voice. Mian Mohammad Bakhsh ( رحمة الله عليه ) was a very famous Sufi saint and Punjabi poet. His teachings are a unique educational road map for listeners. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh ( رحمة الله عليه ) was born in 1830 at Khari Sharif Azad Kashmir and was died in 1907. The tomb of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh ( رحمة الله عليه ) is situated at Khari Sharif, near Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

This isn’t a promotional video. I don’t own any music company. The main purpose of this video is only shared knowledge. The content of the video only intended for educational purpose. Any information associated with the video should not be considered as a substitute for soul relaxation.

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