India vs Pakistan Eden Gardens – Sachin gets his 10,000th test run(Rare)

March 16, 2005. India vs Pakistan.
Sachin Tendulkar became the fifth batsman to reach 10,000 runs in the history of Test cricket when he flicked a ball from Abdul Razzaq down to fine leg on day 1 of the second Test against Pakistan in Kolkata in March 2005. Virat Kohli took lesser innings compared to the Little Master.

The other batsmen to reach the landmark before Tendulkar were Allan Border (11,174), Steve Waugh (10,927), Sunil Gavaskar (10,122) and Brian Lara (10,094). <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

122 matches he comes out with the steam
in a good position it’s a good platform
good time to come out to bat and such
antonovka took his time before he saw
that ball very early and drove it
beautifully through covers although they
were form and placed in that position
but great timing and great placement
a real slight the delivery people once
people come with two fours has moved on
to eight at the end of the always were
187 for to Kendall Khan strike
nicely timed that’s trouble the up
just pull back inside the boundary no
that’s for
the unit on was able to stop the ball
but unfortunately instead of flicking
the ball into the ground they made the
ball hit his arm and that
back to the boundary lock and a bit of
follow through on that one but timing
and the placement was superb
this goes to show how good a pitch it is
nicely packed
beautiful shot down is Canadia taking up
enough chance on that occasion keeping
the ball up in a fair way little effort
from Mahatma stomach but anyway it’s a
batsman that’s something you want to see
fast bowler in the middle of a spell
make him run on the boundary line make
him run make him believe he can stop the
ball and then the ball goes to the
boundary you can see the crowd they love
their cricket in this part of the world
there’s a big cheer on the stadium
they’re all standing up that’s the
reason why too short of 10,000 runs in
the game just four other players have
reached that milestone Allen border
Sonny Gavaskar Steve war and the West
India Brian Lara
and they’re egging on
and he’s been been around long enough
then dukkha in order to take his time
and get a single his printing hard and
the hope to come back to the second just
the one run the fieldset to get him to
play on the offside
for such a thing bilko
what an occasion the autumn occasion
I’m sure this is not the end plenty more
to come everybody’s standing up in the
with a new vision his teammates
everybody in the ground and has made
everybody proud such a Genova what a
the fifth batsman as I said Ahmed forget
10,000 runs and more and Test match
cricket I think he’d be relieved for a
while saying for a while
no my store not too far away
and those are big famous name those are
legends and Test match cricket that
you’re looking at such in toluca becomes
the fifth batsman to score ten thousand
runs and more so many fans around the
world what a player here with a play now
he’s finding his touch
he was very boss for like you said
Sanjay he’s a relief man he’s going to
go out to the ballers and of the over in
the 1841 for to a beautiful drive such a
good shot
moving gears is Tendulkar 255 for to
India and a tremendous position at the
moment we put away by Sachin Tendulkar
fine sweet short played to a high
really that’s the most unexpected shot
that you’d play to a full toss touch
predetermine but executed to perfection
he’s really good at this one gets a lot
of runs fine of this paddle sweet I’ve
rarely seen him get out in fact I can’t
remember that’s gone too I think it’s
got a bit of back on that one must play
the way fine it’s awesome Kemal who
doesn’t stop the ball in the end signals
at boundary so does umpire Steve Bucknam
oh now he’s played this very fine from
outside leg stump got a bat on it well
it’s pretty far away from the leg stump
he’s got a few variations up his sleeve
we like to experiment with those
variations the wrong one has to be tried
from that off stump line another sweep
shot another shot played fine another
we’ll wait for the umpire signal he
signals a boundary another 54 such in
Toluca his 40th at the Korea what a
player oh he’s looking in ominous form
these are two fabulous shots they’re
almost played behind the wicket keeper
in fact they end up almost on the
offside he’s playing it against the turn
there is a short fine leg he’s got to be
aware of the fact that he might top edge
out of the rough
there’s nobody with that fine
he may have got his man has he got his
man yes yes
two songs bottom edge and Afridi has his
man very disappointed sachin tendulkar
walks back to the pavilion against the
Renault play he’s got a walk back he’s
disappointed because that was not a
wicket taking delivery but Schad Afridi
has got this habit of breaking
it was ride and beautifully taken by the
keeper inside edge not an easy cache
believe me kept his eyes on the ball
there was a huge noise and such internal
cahide to depart gone 450 to India lose
their third wicket for to 78

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