India vs Australia Perth 2008 – Famous win for India. India stops Australia from creating record

The test match in which India stopped Australia’s 16 test winning streak at Perth in December, 2008. Australia were set a target of 413 in the last innings. Australia vs India #perth #Waca #AusvInd
Boxing day. Melbourne. India vs Australia. India win at MCG. Jasprit Bumrah 6 wickets.
India had previously stopped the Marauding Australian test winning streak in Kolkata 2001 in that epic battle when VVS Laxman’s 281 and Rahul Dravid’s 180 had halted the Aussies.
India repeated the same thing in WACA,Perth that too after a very controversial match in Sydney in many umpiring decisions went against India and Harbhajan was accused of the now infamous “Monkeygate” by the Australian team.
This was a spectacular come back from behind win by Anil Kumble’s men. Irfan Pathan was the man of the match and was ably assisted by a young rookie named Ishant Sharma and the rest of the team came together and gave one of India’s most famous wins abroad at the hallowed and famous turf of the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA), Perth. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

the new bowl that picked out the wickets
in the first innings and honeycomb is
giving his Birla’s every possible
support three slip skully and a cover as
Madonna straight number one is gone
Irfan Pathan can do no wrong
what Chris Rogers instance Matt is over
it really did want him to be in there
and the moment addicted he knew he was
gone he was up and away and this was the
wicket India wanted most actively
delivered to a left-hander Swan Lane
extra pounds little Shane edge and
straight to Tony and Infante is excited
they got the first record this Rogers
goes to 15 and Australia 21 to 1 this
was your fun Pathan this was your fun
but on before the Australian inning
dr. Akram Dolan won over with flea run
up the proper bowling boots on rolling
in the right areas at no no balls one
over before you go in saw his foot marks
in the morning of yesterday’s Bell and
he was burning perfectly was just behind
the line half on the light as well
because what happened when you pull one
over for the game from behind the line
your mind registers registers it and
then you consistent people day at the
most you can do all those you do overly
be half half
that’s what I was trying to explain him
the swing that the Yorker and I think in
general about the bowling attitude but
you see one here liked it of him he was
very positive about his cricket he said
if I play a high performer and you know
that sort of attitude he’s the God so
that’s very important so while the world
was going mad in Sydney everybody was
going mad and people are saying me
Indian you Australian and everyone was
taking sides that’s what the two of you
were up to
yes that was there was the folks who
third there are four different Test
matches in the morning I went and have a
word with Pankaj as well and especially
what I think he wanted to learn yorkers
have far and i was just explaining him
what did i do when i was born in gopis
the same sort of theory he applied for
an Indian passport
you can’t answer that don’t but if
you’re welcome you didn’t get a hand to
that’s gone beautifully born extra
pounds for Putin and have a look at this
the Indians are delighted
turns having a great day a great Test
match both diopters dismiss Java getting
the cancer Australia 1 2 3 4 – still 25
minutes to go for stumps on day 3 I
think this this is the up and down
bounce this one there’s extra effort
from Pathan who’s the Yorker now the
shorter one that lifts decks away
slightly and Jake’s did nothing other
than guided into the hands of gully so
another one gone for Australia Jake 1643
for 2
my cus he comes out to the marine huge
responsibility on his shoulders fine
Australia looking down the barrel 5314
missed out on the first innings the good
Sydney Test match
was up against a man inform proton
and is getting a good shape doing a ball
as swinging Nisha and Sharma will
continue still microphones picked up a
little conversation between overs say
Vargas saying look he’s got a lot of
bowling to do but buntings in front of
Kublai said a cork Auriga he said a car
tareka he Shan said Hocker ooga they’ve
got the man
a hundred and seventeen for tree there’s
a wicket that was deserved it was this
Australian loose bunting that’s
magnificent barley he really has kept
that at extremely well and he’s just he
could have had punting out probably half
a dozen times today
and the thing was he he didn’t get
frustrated but he didn’t lose the plot
he just kept bowling well which is what
you’ve got to do and he’s got rid of the
Australian captain 117 for three
interested that’s a big share then give
him he’s been given it was the last ball
of the RP Singh over and he got it
online so my Cassie has concentrated and
worked so hard for his 46 it comes to an
end and that’s another big breakthrough
six wickets to go for India and just
when everybody was thinking that maybe
aren’t missing was off the boil today he
comes back and produces this delivery
this is the delivery that has come back
in and you can see that Michael Hussey
has not gone too far forward his within
history is playing with in his crease
the ball has hit him just around the
knee roll I think that is what has made
it easy for us a graph to rule in favor
of RP Singh and India have broken
another partnership which was bleeding
as he out 246 159 for four
good shot he does pay this against Kubla
quite often I think it’s gone all the
1001 runs in his 18th match average of
43 point five two for number six that’s
excellent got the finger on the back
I knew you come late celebrating Simon
was wondering where that one came from
India are chipping away on the back foot
Billy Baldwin’s finger was up in a flash
speed was a hundred and two kilometers
an hour
that definitely was a flatter delivery
kept straight as well hit about Nero
inside edge as well there that doesn’t
matter he’s going back to the dressing
I wonder if that is in return for the
Simon celebration 177 for five Clarke
thrives handsomely to the covers and a
nice way to bring up his half-century so
he’s taking the fight to the Indians in
an aggressive fashion and the crowd
warming up to it
nest old and handsomely REITs the man in
the deep and gets the boundary his
boundaries are coming taken fast now for
the Australians this is a terrific
counter-attack after Simon’s was
dismissed 46 runs this partnership work
and it’s come up just 56 balls
despairing dive in the deep by
non-dueling to 26 for five and a
bullying change ever and the save are
being introduced into the attack half an
hour to go forty and in the comedy boxer
Chicago play is with Sonny Garcia every
time India start a thing they’ve got a
hold on this match Australia’s building
a partnership save our comes in again
here we’ve seen Simon’s getting a bit of
turn just wanted the finger spin Oh hits
the deck he’s pulled him round his legs
and sever gets picked up the wicket that
matters tiara dear
but all over the sweep shot Adam
Gilchrist what an inspired bowling
change by an income lay what an inspired
bowling change it’s seen Andrew Symonds
get a bit of purchase and threw the ball
too good in the CEFR and he’s bored in
behind his legs there is a bit of turn
there or and he’s disappointed Adam
Gilchrist but are the Indians happy Adam
Gilchrist 15 6 Australian wicket star
for 227 inside edge onto bad
sharp chance and it is well taken at
silly point they’re not knocking on the
door anymore there’s a bit of a crevasse
that the light is coming through
2:29 for seven Lee’s gone
but in the same walk we’ll be telling
everybody out there as they have all
around don’t call me a change volar I’m
a regular bola tick inside edge onto the
pan and a smart catch there by VVS
Laxman at the silic point and the 7th
Austin advocate is gone for 229 as Brett
Lee makes the walk back to the pavilion
with a duck against it name oh look who
it is
Michael Clarke the last recognized
batsman decides to use his feet
wrong move
and that’s exactly what – singh dhoni
was saying just the previous over the
last ball the previous over he said that
in Indy that he’s gonna rush down the
pitch step down the pitch one thing was
and he also had to be prepared turn and
bounce Lander Singh Dhoni whips the
bales of Michael Clarke swear that
himself he knows that he’s thrown away a
Test centuries out for 81 and the a
tossed in a wicket has gone to 253
o’clock four o’clock this clock not
really known for his burning is there’s
no mud such at all listen to the Indians
they’re Chat Chat Chat
the flipper said sure
it’s a brilliant bowling for
this is why he’s taken over 600 wicked
seas he uses his brain he remembers how
Michael Clarke got out in Melbourne we
started off stunts spun away Michael
Clarke is almost out of the frame also
have a look at Dhoni how quickly he’s
got the medals off bang you’re out of
here cloudy tell effective it all wrong
beautiful balling quick as a flash it’s
comforting if it should go all the way
he’s such a powerful boy Mitchell
it does the terrific strike while he
wasn’t there
realizes that distract through the line
of the ball goes again this time to that
Mandy took mid wicked at races to him
the time and see that made quickly oh
that’s not not a huge one is it going to
be all the way
it is
that’d be stopped
no ball as well do consecutive of his
another slob shots up catch it now it’s
another boundary oh they’re enjoying
themselves the same look let’s show
these guys out of bed a little bit here
15 from the all of it to left of all
come play balls balls no ball
how many things happen there don’t go
doesn’t like it coming why is that
fielders coming underneath is it gonna
clear him what he’s gone over just for a
while it looked like he’d pull up a
stunner that’s gone before
he was backtracking backtracking
actually did very well just so we don’t
hurt himself a little bit he did very
well to come underneath it he would
maybe wanted on the ropes in the first
place another boundary
to school for
Oh to Johnson
sigh back
dick bang he’s hit dip the mana got
lucky banged it on the advertising the
boards there was extrude don’t lose
sight of that gone threat and he’s got a
load on it out of the ground fifty of
the partnership comes up at better than
run a ball and twelve grub complains
over how long is it going to go on three
hundred comes up as well
ittsan taken finally dad will spit stop
and finally the Indians can breathe a
sigh of relief number 9 goes down one to
get Australia needing 87 it’s that
number again 87 to get an Australian
loser again this relent I was talking
about it got the extra bounce no swing
went straight to Tony and as Van Patten
got the important regular cellular in
the eyes on it their way to pin this
historic game Stuart Clarke the pass for
32 Australia 326 finale the practice of
seen bonus practice let’s say the
Yorkers or the nephews apology as well
and they’ve become the first sight to
beat Australia in Australia in
five years
this is the magnificent women
when you saw what happened
on the verge of a world record have been
halted by India once again not but I’ll
sing out there with the flag India
winning by 72 runs one Test match to go
and it’s 2-1 in the series
it’s a great win for India this let me
tell you coming to Australia after
losing two and then winning the third
one that thought can be difficult and
these guys have done well they came back
as a team after a controversy as Sydney
the short they had the courage they had
the deepness in them as a team the
backed each other up and in the end they
were the winners so series is still
let’s it’s a related Indian team and why
not they’ve done so well you caught on
bum bomani is on the ground have you got
someone god yes I do I’ve got villain
that sailor who was playing polo finger
and captain out there brilliantly done
with your bowling but your decision to
bring on his transfer that extra overly
er yeah of course because I was captain
of Delhi and he bald almost 10 to 12
hours in a row so after seven holes he
said yeah I’m tired so I said yeah you
know back yourself and you have to be
you know you have to take charge on that
decided to bring they’re in the same
argon whom play over in the sidewalk
like calmly only thanks to complain what
a feeling it is after those other three
famous victories must be feeling great I
think this is the one of the greatest
victory because every were talking about
hair the fastest track and the for for
pace man attack seam bowling so we did
that so we are very happy enjoy the
celebration yes he’s got every reason to
enjoy it it’s a fantastic performance
this and this will rank is one of
India’s greatest wins overseas where you
are then 340 all out Australia nobody
really got to start wanting 45 Hussey 46
clock paid a fine hand 81 but there was
no match winning performance Johnson 50
not out there slop the ball around
Stuart Clark did as well was almost too
late by then India’s bowling card looks
excellent everybody contributed art we
sink or a couple of wickets baton got
rid of the openers and then broke the
Clark Johnson partnership each and
Charlotte got the big wicked and
adorable just superbly fun in Camilla to
498 and that special hand from very they
say about a toe as 220
so here you are four days of action at
the end of it all India won by 72 runs
the first time a team from the
subcontinent has won a Test match at
ferb it was wonderful to watch and the
difference between the two sides there
that Australian first innings of 212
gave India a lead of a hundred and
twelve so wonderful performance by in
Della’s between Sydney and Perth within
the start of the game in Perth
what was the team doing because you had
to gather yourself up Sydney with a
downer what were you talking about in
carrying the side here to Perth go on
later on it’s alright now no I mean you
know we we had tough some tough times
and it was important that we focus to
ourselves on the cricket as well the
best you know whatever happened in
Sydney the best way of putting it across
everyone was to ensure that we won here
and I’m really proud of the way the
teammates responded to that and I’m
really proud of the fact that the young
a lot came into the party I mean I was
just saying this has got to be India’s
greatest you know when in Test cricket
certainly since the time I started
watching cricket I just wanted to know I
mean I also just asked you what what did
you guys do
was it the trip to Bondi Beach when you
played the volleyball because don’t
forget Bondi Beach is the nudist beach
was it something I think it was
important that we showed that that we
are all together and we are supporting
each other and backing you know
Harbhajan in that regard and it was
important that we held ourselves
together and you know probably in my
career this is this definitely rates as
one of the best Test matches ever played
well done Anil you let that from sunny
go very gently outside the well first of
all many congratulations this is this is
outstanding stuff what you’ve done and
you’ve come across as a fantastic
statesman you know from India’s point of
view over the last couple of weeks now
you’ve played with these guys for the
last 20 years the 10 dune cuz the dryads
the Ganguly’s now for them having played
so much of cricket
this will input will make them start
thinking differently
in the next six eight months I think
there’s a self belief in that team now
to actually look to be the number one
team in the world you think that can
happen yes of course I think we have
showed that you know when nobody gave us
a chance I don’t think any any visiting
team gets any chance playing input and
especially with the bullying attack that
we had you know a young young seem
attack they stepped up to the plate and
you know the batting effort from all of
them you know brilliant batting from
Rahul such in then serving and was him
at the top of the order and you know
Laura lower down as well MS and and RP
Singh’s contribution in the second
innings was crucial
now do you know you’re the last team to
beat Australia in Australia and that was
in Adelaide and you’re going there now
yeah it’s it’s a great great way to look
at it and you know we we spoke about
coming to Perth and ensuring that we get
a victory here and taking this
confidence to Adelaide I think we’re all
geared up to ensure that we finished the
series on at path couple of guys who
hadn’t played the series before came in
and had standout performances I mean
Sarawak was chipping in there gave a
couple of 50 runs starts as well Irfan
Pathan was man of the match today and
then that little little conversation
that you had about getting each are
giving Ishant Sharma that extra over
that was inspirational uru and survived
having a chat about it we saw yeah I
mean we’re Oviedo just said you know I
think you can ball one more over he
keeps bowling about ten or eleven over
spells for Delhi so I just asked Ishaan
can you go for one more he said yes and
because Ricky was you know you know on
strike so it was important that he was
bowling exceptionally well to him and it
was important that he kept going and it
I mean he’s 19 he’d want to bowl all
through the day isn’t it but from a
captain’s point of view how was it
watching Ishant Sharma board Oh
brilliant I mean he he some you know he
looks like you know Java girls Trina’s
when he first came into the scene very
similar kind of a Ebola and you know
great attitude
yeah just one just one other question I
mean it’s very easy to say we all got
together and we chatted about it but
somewhere was there a feeling a
derivative a feeling of being heard so
maybe a feeling of being betrayed at
Sydney and even as you’re coming to
Perth maybe the feeling hang on we could
have been 1-0 it could have been 1-1 how
do you dispel those negative thoughts
easy to say it but each player has to
start thinking positive isn’t it I mean
it’s very important you know there were
two options after Sydney one was to go
back home and the other one was to
ensure that we showed what we are
capable of and I’m really you know
that’s what I spoke to to all the team
members and I’m really glad that you
know they all came together to ensure
that we proved everybody that we are a
good cricket side what two teams playing
in the spirit of the game in Perth yeah
sure yes in volume that nice to see yes
of course I mean you you always you know
have a tough game of cricket and we knew
that you know Australia won’t give up
and we’ll have to fight right through
the end and you know all credit to
everyone now who did exceptionally well
yeah it was amazing Mike congratulations
you the 3-mile bald man of the match
great to see you back in Indian cricket
thank you
this wonderful moment to be you know fun
put on the world’s turning round for him
all over again and that is fantastic for
Indian cricket as indeed was this win at
but it was a fantastic win a win to
savor and genuinely one of the high
points of Indian cricket I hope you
enjoyed watching it

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