India cross 300 for the first time in ODIs. Azharuddin smashes Ata-ur-Rahman!

India vs Pakistan Sharjah cup. India cross 300 for the first time ever in One day Internationals thanks to a superb century by Sachin Tendulkar and superb fireworks by Mohammad Azharuddin in the last over. Azhar smashes 24 runs off the last over by Ata-ur-Rahman. This was played immediately after the India vs Pakistan Quarterfinal at Bangalore in the ICC Cricket World cup of 1996. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

that’s a good shot he’s got the top
that’s very well applied
well adduct for a second like a bit of a
short armchair but he managed to get it
high up in the air and over the fence at
sheer timing that from nothing Sydow and
good panting there because he’s been
coming down too wicked to Saqlain was
talk and so clean anticipating that he
would have not missed it short and say
though this time was waiting for that
short pistol every time did beautifully
boys got shot to
is gone
shot interest short not a good one from
Malachi Yunus he hasn’t bought many bad
balls that was it they still take some
heading lovely shot
out of the creeks buddy behind picnic
the recent one
just outside all done and he better
clever bowling from Macari owners
getting the ball to move me the batsman
expected the ball to come into him
that’s what what cars being Golic this
one was the outer and there is effort to
hit it over the top ending up in the
hands of Russian athief India our 281
for five
and he’s wrecked that one away on the
onside when I get to the fence as well
good placement cut off from the boundary
down there by emza mom in comes Easter
oh this is India’s highest ever score in
a one day international against Pakistan
and to a great extent they have been
helped by the fact that they have got
some aggressive batsmen a generator
falling to Eunice
this is just what the doctor ordered for
him down the wicked and away
balls in the air and just kept going
it was born that’s a great chart from
other absolutely brilliant to bring it
to perfection he’s had some criticism in
the last few months and that’s what he
should do take his anger out on the
bolas which is what
we get
just be enjoying this
is making hay while the sun is shining
another terrific shot there from
Maserati my dear he uses the lightweight
but he doesn’t use a heavy bag so he
really needs to time it well middle it
and that’s another great shot as Earl is
taking everything out on the Pakistani
bowlers and that’s well done for India
as well let’s go it all the way not as
if it’s gone for for 24 runs of their
last Iver
it’s also the highest score India have
ever made in one day internationals of
only 10 deliveries this is a record
score for India 46 hours have involved
to to go and it’s going to be 10 doggone
– so clean
it is a good delivery pretty typical to
get a wife first ball a good big field
one into India
large lasers are good innings by tender
carrenza dude they got themselves a
decent title tonight so it was a good
effort by the Pakistanis but simply not
good enough to take them past the Indian
score of 305 remember they had to play
only forty eight overs because they were
slow in bowling their allotted

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