Classic catches contest on Prime Sports – 1992 CRICKET WORLD CUP

The classic catches contest shown on the then broadcaster Prime Sports after the end of the 1992 Cricket World cup before it became Star Sports. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

that’s well Jess what a catch water
Jennifer Kent was up the reading edge
and he went up it was a great mark
Peter Kerstin of cover takes up beauty
what a world cup his head not selected
in the initial twenty Gary is making
runs the law and affecting catchers like
this one I tell you what he couldn’t
have got much higher and he managed to
get that in his fingertips what a catch
Rogers the danger man
mr. Langton
the six
we’re gonna see here the replay
get to the picture that one but what a
catch Peter look at that one-handed see
Trevor is that so when things are going
your way
just comes together has it he’s gone for
that bomb this is in the end this could
be out it is all brilliantly cool
in there are giant giant a joke coming
in from
you ever look at this it’s very deep was
a high sky there is he brought in he
comes since those eyes on the ball
what a magnificent cats that is that is
one of the best outfield catches you’ll
ever see oh well taken by Healey
magnificent catch by Healy a little
inside it went flying away and out the
leg side and boy that’s the second break
that he’s taken it went flying really
fast and lower and Healy had his glove
there and went straight in them earlier
diving away to the right this time
diving away to his Lane good tight that
is to be out he’s taking it
esra Dane
for reaching 55 deciding to have a go at
the Ptolemies managed over
diamonds coming from an already
I’ve just taken a very good low diving
yes well he’s charging food to us and
you watch the judge’ll near from
Greatbatch did he catch it he got under
it and then it says no he hugged it
under there and he came up with a ball
and flame the fact that he could see no
inhibiting against his body

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