Channel 9 commentary team goes Retro to celebrate 40 years of ODI cricket

January 16th 2011 MCG – To celebrate 40 years of ODI cricket, the channel 9 commentary team dress up like in the 1970s like the first commentary team as it was in the 1970s. Ian Healy as Bill Lawry, Mark Taylor as Max Walker, James Brayshaw as Richie Benaud , Michael Slater as Ian Chappell and Tony Grieg as himself. Even Michael Clarke and Andrew Strauss came wearing Dennis Lillee headbands to the toss. #AusvInd <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I think is Ian Haley or is it bill lorry
it’s mark how is a beautiful Victorian
day here the Australian team be looking
to get the board onto the front foot
against these great West Indian quits
today another one all right that is that
is that Stanley this of course is Mark
Taylor as it max Walker
thanks very much there Marcus yes it’s a
beautiful day here and a big thank you
to Ian Chapel for the loan of his trip
okay very good James brace or Richey is
oh good morning mark and morning
everyone in there don’t the boys look
absolutely marvelous they do how about
you Witcher Pelle yeah smashing that
great to be here 50 over cricket I think
we’re gonna see a lot of back foot play
and hook shots and Tony Greig plays
himself he yes the coffee walk is full
and we gonna see some carnage today and
we’ve got the two captains who have
kindly come with Dennis Lillee headbands
on to take us back to the mid seventies
on a more serious note fellas good luck
today a Michael Clarke is leading
Australia and has got the coins Andrew
Strauss has won the toss yeah we have
Matt looks like a wicked a nice day
obviously a good opportunity for a skier
decent sized score on the board and then
defend it in this evening did you keep
your eye on those 2020 games yeah
absolutely I was here for the second one
you know some good create play by both
sides no real advantage heading into
this one-day series but we got seven
games here and I think it’s crucial for
both sides the off to a good start
yeah particularly in the lead-up to the
World Cup I guess yeah absolutely
everyone’s trying to finalize their
plans for the World Cup
obviously conditions here is slightly
different but best way to head to the
World Cup is with a few victories under
your belt and we’re certainly out here
to win the series you’re short to front
line fastball as james anderson resting
and Stuart Broad injured what have you
yeah Tremlett comes in and Shahzad is in
alongside Bresnan so those are three
Seema’s and we’ve still got the two
spinners playing Paul Collin was missing
Johnson trot comes back in for the 50
over virgin do you ever wear Flair’s
we’ve got a flair on here but it’s not
quite as pronounced as yours Marc I’m
gonna say good luck today thank you very
you wouldn’t know a thing about
butterfly colors and big lapels would
oh no no much I know looks better
than normal though her knees looking
sharp I would have liked to about it
first I think the wicket we’ve seen the
other night looks pretty similar to the
2020 peach I think it’s gonna be a
little bit slow there might be a bit of
spin batting second but you know I’m
confident we come out here in ball war
we can chase whatever England anyone get
and you’ve chosen to leave Sean Tate out
but play Michie and dougie Bollinger as
well is is that right yeah sure ones
backs a little bit Steve brought up a
little bit stiff but it’s more
precaution than it than anything else
gives dougie a good opportunity and bred
an opportunity good to have you back in
the one day team and now Ricky is out
for all seven games I think that certain
say you have the side for that period of
time that’s a great opportunity for you
I would think it is mark yeah look I
think obviously Ricky will be around the
team at some stage and I send his finger
yesterday and it doesn’t look great but
hopefully you can get back to the back
end of this series but if not I’m
certain you’ll be right for the World
Cup so we’d like to place include
cricket here get a few wins under our
build and take some momentum into the
World Cup
you’re either number one team in the
world we are mark we’re looking for were
to getting out here and shell on that
tonight beautiful thanks for your time
Michael now let’s have a look at to the
two teams with Michael Slater and James
brazier who have got their own thought

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