Brett Lee vs Alex Tudor, Brendon McCullum, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and last but not the least, the TV chat show host Piers Morgan!
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also hurt him as well got him on the
elbow it’s nasty delivery sure it’s
bounced up he could see the boy on the
elbow it’s gone back onto he stops and
he’s had quite a bit of pain there it’s
a very very nasty blow it’s not the sort
of start Kenya had in mind
nor Kennedy or Boyer unfortunately has
to go he’s out for one and Kenya are
three for one
oh that’s going to nasty why that’s
through the helmet and he’s in a bad way
unfortunately they ducked right into
that Alex Tudor
all the ball didn’t bounce that high –
rich hit
once we got through the gap between the
peak and the guard I’d say it might have
hit the hit the ear flap and in fact
there’s some appears to just miss the
flap the bat went very close to hitting
the stumps certainly a solid blow ball
didn’t bounce that high Alex to
turducken is only Tudor goes off it’s
unfortunate he’ll retire hurt three
keeping his head very still
Alex Stewart just walking with him for a
little bit they’re teammates at sorry
Alex – it sort of indicating there that
it looks as though it has gashed the the
eyebrow the way that Alex Stewart was
gesturing towards the dressing room
hit him on the back of the helmet he’s
down Chanda Paula’s floored cracked him
right on the back of the helmet Lee’s
down there the first man
might just be unconscious here
crapped on the back of the helmet he
went down in a heap well he hasn’t moved
almost ducked into that bouncer brettly
down right away
or can use they’re just there as
and him on the back of the head and
hurricane easy out there where am I
what’s the score more importantly how am
i how many am i he’s 86 not out he’s
standing and the crowd applauding
that is a shake up line that would have
34,000 be ringing
thank goodness to the modern helmet
money be at the junction between the
helmet and the visor did it actually hit
the skin or put a force part of it part
of its way through there might that be
HUGE if we could get that on super
slow-mo extreme will be ugly you’re
going for that you know we could smell
and justified
jost right away but Brendon McCullum
he’s really upset at that
there’s cam dilemma at Pace Cantu head
almost handle waste just not gonna pick
them up as a batsman you’re waiting for
it to see the ball come off the pitch
and that certainly is an intention isn’t
intentional from directly
he would never purposely bowl a flea not
too much wrong he’s just a little early
with the release
and that is not intentional at all or
now it looks bad
it’s an angry response from McCollum
being worried about his fingers at that
Stadium pissed the wicketkeeper
and a mighty good one at that
is there a intimidating the umpiring
there is there some things that not at
all why 48k was the whip no I know is
the first one
echoing sound inside the helmet what’s
hitting heart just a little bit off the
shoulder at the side of the helmet
really makes a clunk when you’re wearing
a helmet and God he is wearing the
well as the side flap to us looks the
side part of it
nice ball from live
boys hit him again and he’s really hit
him hard this time
second time he’s hit pants in the helmet
there’s a big hit
patch sort of staggered backwards would
have been a big shock to get another
echo but that’s flush
and Wally’s got the helmet on that
Hillman gets pushed back into your head
and that would really hurt
with that one
there’s that delivery perhaps us going
forward and the stroke is nowhere to be
he hasn’t reacted to that and if then he
gets the staggers and I’m not surprised
really startled him
far the stage there he comes creeping
for and continues to come forward he’s
just not ready for that pace even
planting in the background is concerned
see the mark that the ball left on his
it’s a big lump
Falacci feels okay which is a great sign
all I can say is that thank goodness
helmets are about and that’s why there
is batsmen weigh them
right off the helmet
and as Navin blinked
yes he said I’m fine don’t worry
let’s see where exactly weird him he
only just managed to get the visor
underneath let’s have a look here where
does it hit exact mark that right on the
top right on the top it was a fast
delivery mystic it could be some quite
entertaining triggered here tomorrow we
see the Australians go out there and try
and pile on sufficient runs to be able
to declare and get South Africa in again
two out of two now he gets some runs if
he wants to run
I would was paint a run and teeny
perhaps still a little diced
I think by because it’s plasters taking
evasive action Safari hasn’t managed to
evade either of them
it’s interesting on the hit twice
wouldn’t have been that good in the days
before there were crash orbits and of
course the old law would have come into
play probably the law of intimidation
twice on the head in two balls you gotta
say is accurate
can you feel it

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