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Anwar Abdulrahman

Anwar Abdulrahman began his business career at the age of 19 as a young salesman in Bahrain with M. A. Almoayyed, a leading Bahraini company. He was seconded to Al Hilal Bookshop, a subsidiary of M.A.Almoayyed and in 1970, together with the late Mr Ebrahim Almoayed, took over the bookshop.

In 1973 he established with two other directors, Al Hilal Corporation, a company specialising in the distribution of imported newspapers and magazines. In 1976, under the tutelage of the late Mahmoud Al Mardi, Anwar spearheaded the launch of Bahrain’s first Arabic daily newspaper, Akhbar Al Khaleej and two years later, the same group launched the Gulf Daily News.

In 1977 Anwar established Al Hilal Publishing Group, an Anglo/Bahraini company, where he was elected Chairman of the Board. Al Hilal Group is a leading Publishing House in the Middle East, publishing a range of newspapers and magazines including Gulf Construction, Gulf Industry, Travel & Tourism News, Oil & Gas News, Arabian Knight, Gulf Weekly, The Gulf magazine.. Al Hilal also owns and operates the leading business information portal in the Middle East. The company has offices in London, Dubai, Al Khobar and Riyadh.

Mr Abdulrahman was born in 1942 and educated in Bahrain. He is fluent in Arabic, Persian and English. He was a member of the board of Bahrain University’s School of Literature from 1988 until March 2000 and writes regular columns for both Akhbar Al Khaleej and the Gulf Daily News. He took over as Editor-in-Chief of Akhbar Al Khaleej towards the end of 2000.

Mr Abdulrahman is an avid reader and renowned public speaker of history, biography and politics, and travels extensively. His fluency in three languages has earned him a reputation as a respected publisher both within the Middle East Region and internationally.

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mr. ambassador distinguished poet ladies
and gentlemen good evening I have given
many speeches of my life but to talk to
poets is a hell of a task I have to say
norrbotten thank you very much young man
I say young because we were young
together very young thank you don’t say
more about them
I believe poetry is the highest level of
expression that man M capital can
express I was thinking since last night
to come here what to say and then I went
into my readings in the past from the
Sumerian civilization to Greek
civilization to Arab civilization the
Persian civilization how the word poetry
started from where encyclopaedia
britannica says that the oldest three
alphabets in the history of mankind was
or where he brew arabic and sumerian i
was puzzled
so where is Sanskrit it happened that I
was wrong
sanskrit came later the first piece of a
poem was written according to the solid
information I have and I hope I am NOT
wrong was during the Sumerian the
Sumerian civilization started 6,000 BC
and then gradually they were able after
3,000 years to be refined civilized
society that they started to write
something but it was only about the god
and goddesses to come to the perfect
writing of poetry we go back to Yemen
during the shiva civilization queen of
sheba the first dynasty after the
collapse of the shiva dynasty and the
rise of arabic language was 800 BC
bearing in mind that the civilization of
Greece as the mother of present
civilization started hundred years later
and they were in the beginning but 800
BC the perfect alphabet was in command
Arabic alphabet was in command in Yemen
and the first who wrote in Arabic
language poetry was Europe Al Qahtani
the car tonight dynasty started almost
900 BC and it lasted for few centuries
the Greeks they started 800 BC so by the
time they developed themselves they were
around 600
see it took them two hundred years more
the school of philosophy art and
literature which no doubt the Greeks
bestowed upon humanity is the greatest
school and no one can deny but they were
the last people to come after Sumerian
alphabet Hebrew alphabet and Arabic
alphabet the ABC came around 750 BC were
the RF ba and the Hebrew and Sumerians
they were 1500 BC but let’s come to the
word point it’s a beautiful world but
it’s lifeless
there is no life in it at all what is
point nothing it just like undefined
piece of wood how they call that point
there is no indication because it was
recorded because the first when they
wrote poetry it came in the Arabic world
and it’s called Shire and what the war
child means shall have means show
feelings shall have means feeling a
person that can feel because all what
you feel is transformed into a script
writing if we go back to the European
languages all of them from Latin the
Greek to French and so on
they say put puta puta but there is no
life in it at all but the word shire
means show it drives as I said its
origin from feelings
luckily there are at least three nations
they use the name of point same world
person or do and I believe India’s were
the same they use it okay
an Arabic now poetry is an art Bertrand
Russell the gentleman the sweet
gentleman of philosophy was asked what
is philosophy he answered after taking a
philosophical pose philosophy is art of
wisdom broseph is art but it’s after
wisdom and we ask ourselves what is
poetry is art of feelings these feelings
is honest it’s true as a spotlessly
clean you cannot misguided even if it’s
evil it’s true when we talk about great
points I don’t want to talk about a lama
bar tonight because all of you you know
much more than me be Christian Lebanese
philosopher of 19th century Illya a bomb
of a robot one of the most beautiful
piece of philosophical poetry and he
titled L he titled that I don’t know and
he said what are P material P Atta
Whelan amicus ear Hana
aside oh um akuto fee and uh or an acai
row with therapy and with delvia seer am
work upon what the hurry
to a dream meaning my way what is my way
is it long or short am i ascending or
descending or am I in the state of
vertigo am i walking on the earth or
earth is walking beneath me or both of
us who are a standstill
at the time passing away in poetry a la
Marck wall has got the most intellectual
approach to poetry for many reasons the
reason that he was master of many
languages and he lived enough to travel
and to see different culture a llama
wall was a man that had enormous ability
with absolute unlimited mental horizon
when he belittled mullahs when he said
Zaman pursue fear mala salami
kappa haaha dog of 10 mara lolita
religion da-rae Rotonda jota one zebra
aromas Navarra
a llama well apart from being a poet or
intellectual there is something in him
that no one was able to see but history
saw it he was nation builder he is the
only point in the history of mankind
that he was a nation builder and for him
to say in a clear language that as a
poet I have a duty as a soul I have a
mission when he was invited on the day
that University of alagar was formed at
the time that everybody was trembling in
front of the British Raj he was the
master speaker of the day with all the
reality and Viceroy of the Great Britain
were there
he took a philosophical pose and he said
last night I dreamt that the devil was
sitting in my courtyard cross legs and
he was smoking smoking his English
player cigarette and I approached him
and asked him he will devil have you
decided to retire he said no I have
franchised all by evil business the
British government which will perform
better than me
I will not make this speech long because
only yes four month ago had a long
speech in the battery writers as a
Association about doc pol I’m so happy
to be with all of you I’m so happy
thank you for being here I sank myself

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