2004 Kolkata Kumble & Harbhajan destroy South Africa, pick all 10 wkts for a famous series win!

December 2004. India Vs South Africa 2nd Test Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh turn on the magic and pick all 10 wickets in the 2nd innings and destroy South Africa to give India an easy target and complete a famous series win. Harbhajan picks 7 wickets and Anil Kumble equals Kapil Dev’s tally of 434 wickets as India’s highest test wicket taker. IPL 2019. Virender Sehwag was the man of the series in which Dada Sourav Ganguly was the captain. Virat Kohli. MS Dhoni. Spirit of cricket. Mankaded. Ashwin <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

he’s gone for that and he’s hit up
you’re in a fate that is a good shot and
it’s gone all the way for half a dozen
very very well played
that’s it says he’s out it’s gone
on the sweatshop
and gums
was come alive
unless you save jakka’s now the gaim
changes the new batsman is out there
that’s what Amir they wanted for some
time they finally get the breakthrough
how does John sing the man to get the
first one and he just played a little
too soon Andrew
through the shot the gloves come in to
fly easy catch in the end
it’s been a good stop aside that friggin
though he’s gone for 21 and now it’s 77
for one this will be Clyde snow so he’ll
have to balance up but no shot is often
when there’s big pressure and he first
come to the crease in these sort of
huge disappointment for Rudolph he stood
not out of anything but just out of
dejection here it is
going straight on he didn’t pick in
correct decision
wonderful better bowling
from a very clever off-spinner Rudolph
South Africa Tata now 81 for two
that night down
it is a huge disappointment with the
Indians they know what a big wicket this
is we’ll just awnings instinct jackers
the ball doesn’t tend to go out so
sharply unless it’s come off the inside
edge of the bat
certainly had so I won that righteously
good decision and then one shell cut me
fantastic catch it slit
Smith goes
truly amazing cats VVS Laxman great
delivery change of angle marvelton
working in favor forced to play at the
delivery turning bounce stupendous cats
sensational effort from devious
Glucksman will join in the celebration
from the entire team and this has been a
top quality image from grants medication
and this one in here insider which was
there yes there was
another wicked the porphyry near
right back to the on side
and it seemed like there was a flick
inside into the back not so sure let’s
have a look
write it off spinner where’s the inside
edge where’s the ball I heard two sounds
in my earpiece
we’ve got to look at two things and I
think we’ll do that when we come back
obviously the Indians that delighted the
gutter wicked it’s again her budget
saying was picked up the fourth wicked –
all for two Harbhajan Javed Miandad
the Pakistani batsman is to love a chat
when under pressure
Anelka Malay gets his first wicked
and South Africa have lost their fifth
and coming back over the wicket to the
new bytes been dipping our it’s worth to
treat the leg spin of attorney flicking
the outside it’s only a quick and then
to the man standing in a galley area up
the fat good fortune for India so are
jumping for joy
dipping are walking back slightly
Rebecca I want to
the noise is enormous Orion garden
just doesn’t sit
it was the wicked that the Indians
like the delivery
and off the fish stick inside is the
extra bones and ribs and cancers don’t
get simpler than that
– ginseng picks up another fight for 15
Thailand s match market and boy oh boy
he has been an outstanding performer
Kyle is going to 55 is 183 for six
turn and bounce in Oakland I didn’t go
up at all the keeper didn’t go up at
either and spotless could have smiled
his face from the shake of the head a
shake of the head from Simon toefl as
well why is he playing a vet bitching
outside off turning away the more you
play more times of unica etiquettes what
a bunch to join on strike now
that is a huge wicket shorten pulling
has been dismissed
the crowd has gone berserk here up to
Eden Gardens
smiles all right in the place the bet
pads were always gonna play a huge part
and harbajan scored another one
was it taken on the floor lots to debate
about Gotham done music answer hard
wasn’t seeing the bowler
in the end shaunb all have gone my boy
has that one guys
so two wickets in this over
one thing’s for certain
why don’t we sit there been giving out
vii of 71 draw hundreds of things so far
a twig at the pole
deserving it belief aside rather than
just 87
Grizzard methods but a straightforward
cancer this time work the gloves in this
conflict to keep up thinking of very
simple cats and isn’t he delighted man
with the mission the Dominator was doing
the dog fur in there
it’s one ninety three four eight but I
am God inside of there
the decision that Pollock got where it
came up these ribs are now
very quick wickets have fallen and then
on we can stand
beautiful delivery this bitching middle
turns hits up when Akira thought he had
it covered he didn’t
and Michael Slater summed it up
so come by in the act for the first time
this morning
and South Africa
194 for nine
the whole travel has taken the catch
Anakin Bay has picked up a wicker
all that for 222 so they forget their
lead a hundred and sixteen
the captain has taken forth a little of
a smile as he goes towards his champions
spin twins
for 34 for onion cumin equals capital
dad’s record and it’s covered a good
time he knows it and he also realizes
that is got India with an aside over
with 317 runs the lead and whatnot
performer and alchemy has been
13e picking up 12 runs good confusion
moving at this low total at South Africa
we’re heading for Harbhajan Singh
picking up seven wickets
and in kamli a moment he will treasure
for a long long time
most people standing up looking for the
winning run
we happy very happy for the son of the
soil in Kolkata surah Ganguly
Nuka sighs he’s delight drama
look satisfied he’s played a big herring
47 night out ten girlfriends up 32 night
as we thought Eden Gardens here’s one
final war backing up their side
for a Series victory to test matches
India 21 mil video gone cup going their
way and a big win the 16th we need 41
Test matches as Captain
putting the second Testament by 8
as a result winning the Videocon Cup
Harbhajan Singh was simply superb there
in the second innings a– just took the
pressure of everybody seven 487 with
just hundred and seventeen runs to when
they could have been only one likely
winner yes I think so yes but I thought
only lots of all very well at the other
end he looked like picking a wicked
every time he bored sometimes he ball
well enough and don’t pay crickets but
yeah I thought how about in pick those
seven wickets and then turn the game
around of course great milestone for
Anil Kumble a your words on him well
it’s fantastic and I have been playing
with him for the last ten years seen him
since the under-15 days I’m very very
happy you know it’s just his commitment
the way he turns up every day on the
ground the same type of commitment I’ve
seen for the last ten years and I’m very
very happy for well played our sorrow
congratulations are under stress might
and the win

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