Kenya vs West Indies, Wills World Cup, Pune, 29th February 1996.
Nobody would have given minnows Kenya a chance when they were bowled out for a measly 166 by the West Indies at Pune’s Nehru Stadium. A lop-sided Windies win was very much on the cards. But the unsung Africans engineered one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history by racking up a 73-run win.
Kenya, making their first-ever World Cup appearance, were thrust into the spotlight and stood no chance of making the quarterfinals in a group that pitted them against the likes of Australia, India, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe. After all here was a team of amateurs facing a storied World Cup side.

But they managed to defy the odds and pull off the biggest upset of the tournament.

The Windies boasted of a star-studded squad that contained likes of Richardson, Brian Lara, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Jimmy Adams to name a few. ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019
Put in to bat, Kenya were tottering at 81 for 6 in no time and the result looked a foregone conclusion. A seventh wicket partnership of 44 runs between 17-year-old Thomas Odoyo and Hitesh Modi rejuvenated the Kenyan innings and helped the underdogs take their total beyond the 150-run mark with 37 extras being the highest contributor to there total of 166. Indiscipline did not help West Indies bowlers.

However, no one would have predicted what was going to happen in the second half of the match.

In reply, West Indies lost two early wickets with 22 runs added to the total. But there was Lara on their side and there would have been hardly any reason to panic for the West Indies supporters.

The first ball he faced, was dispatched to the boundary effortlessly through the covers. Despite the low target, his aggressive approach proved costly: a wild swish off Rajab Ali saw him edge one straight to the keeper. Keith Arthurton’s immediate run-out for a duck didn’t help the cause – making it 35/4 – but the target was still within sights.

Making most of the turning track in Pune, it was then time for the Maurice Odumbe show. The off-spinner ripped apart the middle-order and there was no looking back for his side as Windies slumped to 78-7.

Tailenders Walsh, Ambrose, Cameron Cuffy and Ian Bishop, were left with a monumental task of scoring the remaining runs and in the end, it was too much to ask for.

Kenya had pulled off a victory for the ages, bundling out the West Indies for 93 runs – none of their batsmen managing to breach the 20-run mark. #ViratKohli #cwc2019 <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

when the West Indies met Kenya in a 1996
World Cup group game in the narrow
stadium in Pune India the result
appeared a foregone conclusion the West
Indies had twice won the World Cup
Kenya ICC associate members were making
their World Cup debut after losing the
toss Kenya were put in to bat to face
the fearsome West Indies pace attack
leadoff position diamond at mid off is a
bit wide that’s four more to Sudha
Sharma at the end of the first over King
at e2 don’t loss has four runs attempted
bouncer and then the Yorker but they are
not quite pitching full cost going
that’s caught not on the first attempt
Roger half of the map seconds because
per-unit always head and bran Lara
completing the cat’s beautiful delivery
and that’s out gonna do ta no just
pushing at that ball on the off stump
line good pace good bones bit about are
we moving and another we hit down a lot
about the Pina
Willowbrook shot by Terry kickball
that’s Barney that’s a big hit over the
boundary at six be able to call on the
man playing the shot
that’s high in the air
coffee’s on it and caught comfortably so
terrific by bringing for the pool shot
again getting it high on the back and
just loving it to me Don
Gregg shocked if I strike down the grin
that’s bright treatment of the fastball
and that comes the half century for
Kenya all in the air that should be poor
good shot Steve DePaul I again any think
that’s pitched up there hasn’t been much
event of light
so right over there the bishop
investigation is slightly shorter when
he goes back goes to back and on the
jump is not able to balance himself it’s
the off stump it’s 72 for for that looks
to be out yes it is attempted sheet by
esteemed the caller the ball seemingly
coming off the glove Jimmy Adams had a
simple task
oh that’s a good catch but Lara strayed
into Lara’s hands football in the hopper
ball deviating away a bit straightening
it out good anticipation by Lara that’s
a good shot
but then Paul from the past the right
hand of showing gambling the body shot
straight down the ground beautiful
timing in that shot four rounds of treat
to watch interesting the umpire calling
for the replay great tape by Jimmy Anand
the straight one from Raja Harper
bleeding and you had those bales off in
your flesh
9-ball Pippi first ball back
that’s rule
and that’s for morons leukemia that’s
one the me Adams the man taking the
catch because morning it’s so well for
his team the ninth wicket down at 155
and that’s it the end of the Kenyan
innings them to drive there by Kareem
outside has been found and again in
Jimmy Adams taking the cash behind the
stumps for lbw lick the pad on the way
through mom would think leg by so for
leg buyers to get this innings rolling
for without loss bad bad missed by the
wicket keeper Terry kick ball that one
going right through him for four boys
he’s having a nightmare of a day
oh and gets past him again loved it but
made its way down to the boundary before
off the back – you’d have to put it down
as a chance for by Roger Dali and Richie
Richardson is out the movement in the
air and off the pitch claiming the first
wicket for Kenya there’s a huge ovation
for Bryan Lara’s he stepped onto the
field chart great start by Bryan
that’s what like penny to see and that’s
what they got around his legs table
across to fire he’s picked up the legs
up the stump magnificent start this by
cleaner in the West Indies under
enormous pressure
that’s aunt Betty’s ass dryer has been
dismissed it bubbled around in the
gloves of the week leave a big bow the
growing louder once too often pouring
outside that off stump
Anantha Kenyon’s happy
jimena cooking class will have to wait
for the replay but the initial feeling
was the chief darlin may not have made
his ground and a marvelous piece of
fielding yes he’s gone inside for were
still in the batsman gone that’s a good
finally as time one and yes please fit
perfectly in the air could be a ballast
right away chamber poll giving a real
loose one there from Morris at dumby
link back on it and hold out behind
point and a great breakthrough for Kenya
and moaning taking the catch at Dunn be
doing the damage again Adams leaning
forward and baton paired and he’s out
shot over the top but they don’t want to
panic here the leg side then he gets
afraid edge in the wicketkeeper Terry
kick pal
takes another catch that’s absolutely
marvelous look at the transformation in
target ball
shut off the back foot could be a run
out of his I think he’s clothed for the
reply beautiful feeling at Point and
Ambrose just loafing a little bit as he
took off and I think that could be the
end of curtly Ambrose
there he goes again what this time court
Nawaz finds a gap on the offside / extra
cover for boundary is giving it fourtner
Walsh isn’t very happy but he had given
it so as soon as Louis their 9th wicked
and that’s it inside edge onto the
stomach camera and cotton balls that’s
the end it makes trouble performance by
that penance nobody on or to expected
this kind of a whistle today’s match
this victory is as good as winning the
World Cup for them

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