Urdu Academy - SF Bay


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The Urdu Academy of North America hosted an international mushaira on December 6, 2015. The grand event was held at the Chandni Restaurant, Fremont/Newark CA. The participant poets were from India, Pakistan, Canada and the United States. A bunch of local poets and poetesses warmed up the mushaira. Prominent poet of the Bay Area, Mohtarem Arshad Rashid, was MC of the mushaira. Distinguished International poets included: Mohterma Naseem Syed from Canada, Mohtarem Talib Zaidi from India, Mohtarem Haidar Hasnain Jaleesi from Pakistan, Mohtarem Fayyaz uddin Saeb from Arizona and Mohtarem Ghazanfar Hashmi from Houston Houston. This video shows Bay Area poets and poetesses present their poetry: Mohterma Kausar Saiyed, Mohterma Dr. Aifra Ahmad, Mohterma Rubina Jeena, Mohterma Urooj Awan, Mohterma Anila Bhullar, Mohtarem Arshad Rashid, Mohtarem Hamid Kamal Narvi, Mohtarem Salman Siddiq and Mohtarem Tashie Zaheer.

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